Smash-Up is a card game with pirates, wizards, ninjas, aliens, dinosaur and robots.

Each player takes two factions (deck of cards), for example Pirates and Aliens. Each deck contains minions and actions. The decks are shuffeled to create a combined deck.

Each player can play an action and a minion. But none is required. Most minions have additional qualities (except for the T-Rex but this card has powerlevel awesome), some resolve immediately, some have other triggers. The minions are played on a base. And each base has a capacity. If the capacity (sum of the powers of the minions played on the base) is reached the base scores. Most bases have an additional effect. The base is removed and a new base is played.

The first player to reach 15 points or more, is the winner.

The fun part of the game is that each faction has abilities that matches your expectation. Zombies keep comming back from the grave, wizard use spells and pirates are quick to get the loot.