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Can "Stealth Tower" copy your opponent's bases?

Your opponents bases are In Play so Stealth Tower can copy them too. After Stealth Tower copies a base, it remains a copy of that base regardless of what happens to the original (destroyed or ...
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10 votes

Can you use an ability and scrap a card in the same turn?

According to the Star Realms rules, I think your interpretation is correct: you may play a card for its trade value, then scrap it in the same turn. The relevant text (in the third row, top): When ...
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What are my odds of drawing the rest of my deck

50% Symbolizing the cards that give you a draw a D, and the cards that do not as N, there are 6 possible permutations of draw vs no-draw. In each permutation, the second N card represents the ...
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Can you use a base's ability twice by returning it to your hand with Mega Mech?

Yes, that would be a valid move as far as I can see (as long as you had another Star Empire card in play to trigger the ability of the Fighter Base). While there are no rules anywhere that I have ...
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6 votes

Does it matter what faction Mech World is?

It matters for the solo variants. I can't find rules for these online but I can explain how they work in the app. In a typical solo scenario on the bots turn a card is turned up and depending on the ...
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Does it matter what faction Mech World is?

For the core set & expansions, I am aware of, Mech World counts as an ally for any faction, but it being a Machine Cult does matter in some cases. Blob World, for example, reads: So, you cannot ...
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For Star Realms, what's the appropriate ratio of Wealth-per-Card-per-Faction?

Alright, so I found google docs with cards, added some more data concerning base sets and made a diagram with it. I used a sophisticated formula of counting only half of the trade from ally and scrap ...
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2 votes

Discard a card not working?

The campaign game changes some of the rules, depending on which mission you are playing. For example, on Mission 3 "A test of strength (hard)", the rules are [...] If you would make your opponent ...
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1 vote

Is it OK to mix Colony Wars and Frontiers for a 2 player game?

If you are worried about the trade row being too expensive, by far the most important factor will be the average cost of the cards in the deck. From the card gallery, you can calculate that the ...
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1 vote

Is it OK to mix Colony Wars and Frontiers for a 2 player game?

"Balance" typically refers to each player's relative chances of winning. There isn't any inerrant balance changes from the expansions because the trade row is shared between the two players. Even if ...
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do all players win star realms pirates co-op

By the nature of it being a co-op then everybody wins. I can't anything specific in those rules to say an eliminated player doesn't win so I wouldn't rule that just those surviving are winners. It ...
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