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Why are there so many 10-value food tokens?

Because they are effectively free to produce. Resources in Stone Age are unlimited (pg 6). This means that in theory, the game should provide unlimited pieces with which to play. In practice, this ...
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Civilization cards with toolmakers

No, the "one-use tool" cards do not count for scoring tool makers. The rules specifically call out "Tool tiles" in the scoring section: The "one-use tool" cards are exactly that: cards (i.e. not ...
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Stone age expansion How trading works question

According to the rules: A player may: Trade only once his marker has moved off of space 0 of the merchant ...
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Why are there so many 10-value food tokens?

Another reason of having a lot and in high nomination is to prevent food hoarding. Some games have a limited supply of a resource, and once the supply is empty, other players can't get that resource ...
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Removing the Luck from Stone Age

The accepted answer, while correct, is overly brief. Luck can be reduced in several ways in Stone Age, especially when you think in terms of reducing wasted pips (a pip is 1 dot on a die): When you ...
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