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How can 7NT be played for this hand?

There is a pentagonal squeeze on this hand. One line of play: Win the club lead in dummy, cross to hand with the spade ace, take the diamond finesse, and play on diamonds, pitching spades. Eventually, ...
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How do I Detect/Defend Against an throw in In Bridge?

Let's look at three specific (basic) cases of end-plays: Simple Squeeze Here a single defender holds the only guard in two suits. The key conditions for this end-play is that (a) the count is ...
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Take the Queen or let someone shoot the moon?

Take the Queen I did a Monte Carlo simulation of how often you would win a game of Hearts, assuming each point card had an equal and independent probability of being taken by each player after the ...
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Zombicide: Black Plague! Strategy suggestions for Clovis and Samson

Clovis: He was mostly setup for close combat at full, give him an armor and send him to kill, IF you get to find the 2 bustard swords the sword master skill becomes useful and a great add on, if not ...
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Progressive euchre tourney question

I can't see anyway that this would, or even could, be a winning strategy. The odds of going alone and taking all 5 tricks cannot be more than about 10%. If we estimate the chance of Dealer's side ...
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How to open with Baratheon at Game of Thrones Board Game?

I have done some research on it on various game boards, and most experienced players recommend not to take Storm's End, and offering to leave it to Martells on the condition that they don't muster ...
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What are some common tactics to make runs against servers with unrezzed ICE in Netrunner?

I'd like to add to the given answer that it matters what parts of your rig you have built. Killers tend to be more important to have than Fracters and Decoders, since most of the punishing ice are ...
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How can I do better than chance in Uno?

Specifically, for the colors to choose for wild cards, you could look at every discarded card and the ones in your hand to determine which color has the fewest remaining cards left in it (but people ...
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What's the difference between a tactic and a strategy?

Tactics and Strategy, as they relate to board games, will vary based on the specific game-play dynamics of each specific game. And in many games, the limited scope of either the board itself, or of ...
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