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What does Tarot card size mean

If you're asking for dimensions, what I found is Mayday sleeves for french tarot cards listing size as 61x112mm And FFG "tarot sized" sleeves are 70x120mm
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Is there a Magic the Gathering card that resembles The Hanged Man Tarot card?

Relating partially to the overconfident assassin part of your post there is always Robber of the Rich
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What does Tarot card size mean

Tarot is played with 78 cards and at the beginning of the game a player's hand is quite big (18 cards for a 4-player game ; 15 for a 5-player game and 24 for a 3-player game). With an ordinary format (...
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French Tarot (card game): Feasibility of playing a King on the first hand

Tarot is not poker. It is not a matter of probability and psychology, wishing that your opponent will bend over you. It is matter of card strength and strategy. Do not play randomly your King (and ...
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