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How can I use Board Games to help learn English?

I'd suggest than any of these games would be both fun and really helpful: 1) Snake Oil Snake Oil is a party game where the players create a products to pitch to prospective buyers. The game is a ...
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How can I teach other people game rules?

When explaining a game, I go through the following: How do you win? (i.e. What are you trying to do?) For Risk, this is "eliminate all other players". For Catan, this is "first ...
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Advice on teaching Go to a kid

My recommendation is to: Introduce recording of the games. This would allow her to study her own games offline, and come back with questions. The habit of recording one's own games is a gift beyond ...
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Advice on teaching Go to a kid

N.B. The links to terms are for third parties, rather than the questioner, who as 7 kyu will already know them. Where she is now The best approach depends on the sort of person she is and what she ...
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What are some good games or techniques for helping kids learn to "lose gracefully"?

I once saw a good suggestion elsewhere on the web: in a one-on-one game, allow the kid to swap places with you at any point in the match. The original example was chess, but it would work with many ...
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What techniques should I use to teach my 5-year old to play chess?

The best training for playing chess is the game itself. But if you want to "dumb down" the game, then remove the two sets of knights. Those are the pieces with "special" moves that are relatively ...
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How/where can I get comments from strong players on my gameplay?

Some Go tournaments will feature professional commentators who will also play several "simultaneous" games with players, typically for a small fee, such as $10 or $20 a head. They will remember the ...
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Resources for Nine Men's Morris

I recommend to start with The book Nine Men's Morris Strategy: A guide for beginners to intermediate players, it goes into a bit more depth regarding plays. A perfect play repository by jochen-...
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