The Resistance Avalon is a variant of The Resistance. It is a social deduction game for 5-10 players. Each player is dealt a loyalty card indicating whether they are a Loyal servant of Arthur or a Minion of Mordred. Loyal servants must try to successfully complete 3 quests by choosing a trustworthy team of players. The Minions must try to make 3 of the quests fail by getting included in the quest team and sabotaging it.

The Resistance Avalon can be played by 5-10 players. It is a game of deduction and deception. And is between 3-5 rounds. An entire game usually takes about 30 minutes.

To start the game each player is dealt a character card which indicates if they are a Loyal Servant of Arthur or a Minion of Mordred. Everyone then closes their eyes and certain characters find out information about others. For example all of the Minions find out who each other is. After the reveal phase the rounds begin.

Each round the leader makes a team, everyone votes on the team and then if the team passes the quest proceeds.

At the end of each round the leader becomes the person to the right of the current leader.

The number of players on a quest varies from each round and depends on the number of players.

Majority rules when voting if a team should go on a quest. If playing with 8 players and 4 vote yes for a team and 4 vote no the team does not go on the quest.

During the quest phase each person who was on the quest team either fails or passes the quest. For a quest to fail just one member must choose to fail it (or in some specific rounds 2 people). Loyal servants must pass all quests or else it breaks the game. Minions can fail or pass any quest.

If 3 teams get voted down in a row the Minions get a point. If 5 teams get voted down in a row the Minions automatically win.

The Resistance Avalon varies from The Resistance in that it has additional character cards that give that player more information or special powers.

Merlin is a Loyal Servant and knows who the Minions of Mordred are. If the Minions lose, but can correctly identify Merlin they win the game.

Percival is a Loyal Servant and knows who Merlin (and Morgana) is.

Mordred is a Minion, but Merlin doesn't know who they are.

Morgana is a Minion and appears as Merlin. Percival will see 2 people but won't know who is Merlin and who is Morgana.

The Assassin is a Minion and is the one who gets to guess who Merlin is if the Minions lose the game.