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Can the Resistance Fighters use the fail card?

From the rulebook: Note: The Resistance Operatives must select the Mission Success card; Spies may select either the Mission Success or Mission Fail card. Further confirmation for rules lawyers ...
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Can the Resistance Fighters use the fail card?

In board game rules must means it is compsulory, and may means they don't have to, but the option is open to them. The rules are very clear for this particular issue, genuine resistance members are ...
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Is Avalon worth getting if I already own The Resistance

I know it's a little late and the expansions may not have existed when you posted this, but there are two expansions to Resistance now that provide all of this and then some: Hostile Intent and ...
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Is it ever advantageous to pretend to be the "hidden" team if you are on the majority team?

Specific games can differ, but generally in games like these the "bad team" all know the members of the bad team. Therefore pretending to be a bad guy only decieves your allies, and convinces everyone ...
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The Resistance card game - "Deep Cover" Spy role question

Reveal script in the rule book is very thorough: Reveal Script The “reveal” phase at the start of the game will vary depending on which roles are added – see below for new scripts to use for ...
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What is the use of Lady of the Lake card in avalon?

It is to enable players to get more information about each other out in the open. If it starts out on a good player they can use it to help identify other good players. On the other hand if it starts ...
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Optimal (Or Just Effective) Strategy For The Resistance?

Also, keep in mind that in the early part of the game only the Spies have a good reason to vote against a team. ...actually, its the opposite. In the early part of the game, only the Spies have ...
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Can the Resistance Fighters use the fail card?

I posted a shorter version of this as a comment but am also writing an answer which allows for more details. As others have stated, must in the context of games refers to a mandatory action or ...
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Additional/Made up roles in Resistance or Resistance avalon

We have quite an avid group (one player logged his thousandth game last month) and have experimented with quite a few alternative roles. Some are well known on BGG, some we've created or tweaked. I ...
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Optimal (Or Just Effective) Strategy For The Resistance?

It all depends who you're playing with. If you're largely playing with people you don't really know, then you should stick to an odds-based strategy from one of the previous answers. However, when you'...
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