No, the rules explicitly state what pieces are required from an earlier set: This game is an expansion and requires that you use the following game parts from one of the previous versions of Ticket to Ride: A reserve of 45 Trains per player and matching Scoring Markers taken from any of the following: - Ticket to Ride / Ticket to Ride Europe ...


No, it does not. You can find the complete rules here. It does not make any mention of tunneling as part of claiming routes. Here is a picture of the map; you can see that no routes look like the tunnels from Europe.


The rules only have stations for the europe map. None of the maps are broken by playing with stations, however. I have played the following maps with and without stations: Europe, USA, Africa, Switzerland, India, Asia, and Legendary Asia. The effect of adding stations is to reduce the stress (and uncompleted tickets). The USA map is much less cutthroat ...

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