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Monster slug-a-thon game where players move units around, recruit terrain-based troops, and beat up each other for world domination.

Titan is a fantasy war board game where each player controls an army of mythological creatures such as gargoyles, unicorns, and griffons, led by a single titan. The death of a titan eliminates that player and their entire army from the game. The player controlling the last remaining titan wins the game.

This Avalon Hill game for 2-6 players is a game of conquest. Players start with two units and can end up with up to 12 (or more if they defeat other players and take their counters). All units may move each turn, and when a unit moves into a hex it can recruit monsters to fight with it -- if it has a recruiter native to that terrain. There's a limit on unit size, so as they grow players must split them into smaller units. If two enemy units meet they must fight; the fight is conducted on tactical terrain maps using hand-to-hand (claw-to-claw?) combat, air combat, and magic strikes. Most terrains provide advantages to the defenders, making the fights more interesting.