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Combined Catan player+player+bank transactions

No, this is not legal as written. This is really a series of three separate trades (one of them being with the bank), and two of them are giving a resource for free, which is forbidden by the rules. ...
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Settlers of Catan trade dynamics question

It's not a rules violation, but there are still consequences I don't think that there are any rules against it (Catan doesn't have much to say about when trade agreements become binding), but I would ...
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What's the name of this oil trading board game?

Perhaps "Wildcatters" as shown on the website of CapStone Games. This link is the game on BGG. Oil tanker minis: Spherical gas storage tank minis:
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Recommended strategies for Mercante in Fiera?

There are only two strategic decisions over which a player has control: the amounts bid in auction and the quantity of cards traded. A winning strategy requires paying less on average for one's cards ...
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"Investing" in other players in Monopoly

This is part of the reason why board games have a limited set of tokens that goes along with the number of players on the box - the mechanics of many games break down when the number of players gets ...
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