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How does the Ghost of Creuss' Flagship's enemy movement prevention ability work?

It is just a restriction on the flagship's wormhole. Here's the full text of the card: This ship generates a "D" wormhole in the system where it lies. When the ship moves, the "D" ...
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Can the player choose a different player as a target?

I couldn't find any rules that back up this specific situation but this is my interpretation. The trigger for the LAW states: When a player chooses a Strategy Card... So if someone were to play an ...
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Is there a way to play Twilight Imperium's "age of empire" variant with Shattered Empire's strategy cards?

We usually play with Age of empire option and variant strategy card, using this set of strategy cards: initiative diplomacy II political logistic trade II warfare technology II imperial II It leads ...
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Is there a situation or way that a sabotage run is a good idea in TI:3?

Any time when you are likely to just get smoked in combat. Say you have a carrier with just a couple of fighters vs the force mentioned above. You will be lucky indeed to even kill all of the cannon ...
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