The answer to your question really ends up being no. Units with no purchasable model have no defined dimensions, and so are up to you and your opponent as to what is reasonable. However, as of the most recent codex and updates, the Mycetic Spore is no longer a valid unit. It has since been replaced with the Tyrannocyte, which serves largely the same ...


Each Ripper Swarm model has 3 wounds, as per the 8th edition codex. A unit of Ripper Swarms is made up of anything from 3-9 models of Ripper Swarms. Each base is a model. Regardless of what you actually put on the model aesthetically, it will have 1 base, and that based model will have 3 wounds. So a unit composed of 3 models of Ripper Swarms would have 9 ...


I would definitely wait at this point. At Adepticon (End of March, 2017), Games Workshop, in a closed-door session, announced that 8th edition would drastically siimplify some aspects of the rules. I imagine that will seriously affect the meta. If you have yet to really get into Tyranids, it's a good time to collect models and wait until summer.

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