A social game that can support large numbers of players. The villagers try to destroy the werewolves before they kill the entire village, but no one knows whose who... Also called Mafia. Not to be confused with One Night Ultimate Werewolf, a one round version of the game.

Players are secretly assigned the role of werewolf, townsperson, or seer. One player acts as narrator. During the night-time phase of each turn, all players close their eyes and make noise (such as drumming hands on the table) to mask what follows. The narrator tells the werewolves (usually two) to open their eyes; they gesture between themselves to choose one townsperson to kill. They then close their eyes, and the narrator has the seer open his eyes. The seer points to one other player, trying to identify a werewolf, and the narrator gives a thumbs-up or thumbs-down. The night phase now ends. During the day, all players open their eyes and the narrator announces the death. That player is now out of the game. The remaining players collectively decide on one of their number to lynch as a suspected werewolf. (Of course the werewolves are passing themselves off as regular townspeople.) The game continues until either all werewolves or all townspeople are dead.

Not to be confused with One Night Ultimate Werewolf() a similar game that takes place in only one round.