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can you swap any 2 food tokens for an activated ability?

From the rulebook, page 6: When playing birds, you may spend any 2 food tokens as if they are any 1 food token. This exchange cannot be used during other parts of the game. So the answer is no - you ...
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What is the tiebreaker in Wingspan if players have equal points?

from the rules here The player who has the most points wins. In the case of a tie, the player with the most unused food tokens wins. If players are still tied, they share the victory.
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Why can rufous-banded honeyeater be played using invertebrate or nectars, when nectar is a wild resource?

The Rufous-banded Honeyeater has those two as its foodcost because that is what they eat. It's purely thematical. You are right that the nectar can substitute all other food tokens. Edit for Matthew ...
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What happens when you create a gap on your board in Wingspan?

there's options to create empty spaces on your board. No. From the FAQ: How do I play a bird on top of a sideways bird? Some birds like the European Roller allow you to place the card sideways on ...
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Wingspan - Player out of eggs

A player cannot choose to take an action that requires them to spend eggs they don't have. This means that a player with no eggs cannot chose to place a bird in anything but the first column, they ...
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