The board layout - the positioning of the bonus squares is different. Words With Friends: Scrabble: Also, the distribution and points scored for the letters in Words With Friends is slightly different to Scrabble. For example, B and C score 3 points in Scrabble, but 4 points in Words With Friends.


The tile distribution is different, as are the tile values. Scrabble WWF Letter (#, Value) (#,Value) A (9,1) (9,1) B (2,3) (2,4) C (2,3) (2,4) D (4,2) (5,2) E (12,1) (13,1) F (2,4) (2,4) G (3,2) (3,3) H (2,4) (4,3) I (9,1) (8,1) J (...


Another difference, that actually has a bigger impact on strategy, is that the BINGO bonus (the bonus for playing all 7 tiles in one move) is reduced from 50 to 35. Together with the placement of the bonus squares (see above) often allowing quadruple letter words and 9-time scoring letters (12 if placed also in both directions), you can sometimes score ...


According to recordsetter.com the current record for a single word turn is 1674 points with the word "oxyphenbutazone". This word has been used for various other records such as 1670, 1672 and 1673 points. It's worth mentioning that most of these records have been set by setting up the game in a way that optimized for this specific play.


Here is a link. If you cannot access that page, let me explain it below: The Scrabble grid looks like this: (P for red cells, B for pink cells, T for blue cells, and D for light blue cells.) P--D---P---D--P -B---T---T---B- --B---D-D---B-- D--B---D---B--D ----B-----B---- -T---T---T---T- --D---D-D---D-- P--D--(B)--D--P --D---D-D---D-- -T---T---T---T- ----B--...

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