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Why would someone want to use Pot of Desires, other than to draw 2 cards?

Banishing cards can be an upside in many decks too, and not just decks that care about what's banished. The chance of banishing all three copies of a card in your deck to this is really low, first ...
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Do I have to use Link monsters on my Yu-Gi-Oh! Deck?

Thankfully as of master rule 5 the extra is no longer being held hostage by link monsters, so link monsters are no longer required (unless you play a deck that relies on pendulum summoning a bunch of ...
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Can you banish maiden with the eyes of blue even if it is face up?

There are indeed some cards that banish Maiden, while simultaneously BYPASSING her ability that allows her to summon a monster when targeted. For example, Icejade, a 3,000 ATK Fusion Dragon monster, ...
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