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After a few months, I've found a good resource as of the January 20th TCG banlist. In this reddit post, user u/mtsoren882 created a google sheets spreadsheet documenting TCG all banlist changes. It seems fairly exhaustive, and has been updated once since it was created in October of 2019. I'm unsure how long it will be supported into the future, but as of ...


If you fusion summoned Blue-eyes twin burst dragon, you will be able to used fusion substitued, and also be able to avoid having its fusion summoned negated, while if you used its contact method they most be on the field to be considered control, and you can used face-down blue-eyes white dragon for its contact fusion, but you cannot used a face-down blue-...


A good read over here: Chains, Activation, and Resolution IMPORTANT: When resolving a chain, as the cards resolve they are NOT sent to the Graveyard until the entire chain has resolved, or a card specifically destroys them So in this case, since Trap Hole is on a same chain with Kuraz, Trap Hole is destroyed by Kuraz, and the controller of Trap Hole is ...


Since "Dark Magical Circle" stated: You can only use each effect of "Dark Magical Circle" once per turn. No, he cannot use "Dark Magical Circle" to look at the top deck again at the same turn. However, they are allowed to activate it again as a Continuous Spell, and use the effect to banish your card if "Dark Magician" is Summoned.


Crackdown has two effects, the first of which reads: Activate this card by targeting 1 face-up monster your opponent controls; take control of it, but while you control that monster, it cannot attack or activate its effects. Sera is unaffected, but only when she's Link Summoned. She can still be targeted. but if she was Link Summoned, Crackdown remains in ...


"Waboku" protects the monster(s) of the player and the player who activated it. It does not affect opponent's monster at all. So what would happen in this scenario is: Your opponent's monster will not be destroyed by battle with your immune monster. Your opponent will not receive any kind of battle damage.


Read "Eternal Soul", it says unaffected by your opponent's card effects. They would be destroyed in your scenario.


The thing here is that the one unaffected by spell/traps is your monster. However, that does not make your opponent's monster unaffected by spell/traps. Protecting your monster from spell/traps does not negate a spell/trap card that affects your opponent's monster. You could, however, make your opponent's monster unaffected by spell/traps (for example ...


Originally the card was at 3 but then players started complaining about it being annoying to deal with as when their opponents use it on them, it's basically asking them to choose between: a bad decision: ending their turn on a wide open board for their opponent to otk them next turn a worse decision ignoring the maxx c and letting their opponent draw into ...

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