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Thought I would also add in that there is this website I made earlier this year, and it auto-updates the ban lists displaying them similarly to the main Yugioh website. It also generates .conf files if you want to download them:


If you have seen yugioh before god cards can be prevented from being summoned if you have the exchange card you can take that go card you can also make sure the don't have three tributes to sacrifice in order to summon a god card i have all three gods in my deck including the three blue eyes white dragons and blue eyes ultimate dragon but watch out for ra's ...


This is an old post but still comes up at the top of google so thought id share this resource for anybody like me who comes across this post. This is easily the best option currently: Users can query by date and it displays the banlist as you would see it on the official konami site and its completely up to date.

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