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In Hearts, played by experts, what is ratio of shooting the moon?

Because nobody knows the game-theoretical-optimal strategy in Hearts, I am looking for an approximation based on empirical data. For example, based on logs of games between expert players from an ...
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What's this circular board game with dice and pegs?

I have this game but don't know what it is. My grandmother had it on the bar in her tavern/candy store around the 1920's in Baltimore. The customers used it as a bar game to play for drinks, etc. My ...
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What is this d6 for? Faces are 0, 0, 1, 5, 5, and 6

I found a strange d6. It has two "blank" faces, one "1" face, two "5" faces, and one "6" face. Here's a couple photos: It was in a very old and battered ...
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Which game is this die with a tornado or spiral on half its sides from?

Please identify the game this die (shown in the picture below) comes from. The die has 3 blank faces, and this tornado (or spring?) design on the other 3 faces. I don't have any other information. The ...
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What is this tic-tac-toe like game with green and yellow balls?

I found recently this board game in my parents' home (Spain); it seems like it might possibly be a version of tic-tac-toe. Does anybody know the name of the game or the rules?
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What is the effect of filling the Dragon Ball Meter?

What is the effect of summoning Shenron? The rules regarding what happens when the Dragon Ball Meter is filled seem inconsistent. The rulebook states the following (emphasis mine): Once the meter ...
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Looking for name of very old board-type game

I do not remember if it is competitive, cooperative or solo game. It is played with small cubes having a different marking on each side representing directions such as straight, turn, an X, diagonal,...
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When is mystify worth using?

In Day and Night when you are playing Day mystify rarely seems to be useful. Towards the start of the game time spent attempting to mystify squares will either be wasted when night swiftly reverses ...
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What is the name of this solitaire variant?

I recently learned a new solitaire from a friend, but we have no idea what the name of it is. Can anyone help? You use two decks of cards, and start by placing 14 rows of cards. The middle 4 rows are ...
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How is bridge for beginners taught in Taiwan or Italy today, Precision or another method?

I play duplicate bridge, and have recently begun studying the Precision bidding system on my own. Precision was invented by C.C. Wei in the 1960's with Truscott's assistance, and was used with great ...
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Is there data available on the relative strengths of the World Championship decks?

For the World Championships this year, WotC allowed Arena players to play the decks in Best of 1 against other arena players. Has untapped.gg or any similar "play monitoring" tool put ...
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In {American, Bios} Megafauna, how can we improve showing who has what traits?

In American Megafauna and its newer version Bios Megafauna, each of up to four players has up to four species in play. Each species has several traits, and some traits can be multiplied (values up to ...
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Why was stone scoring (group tax) abandoned?

The game of go is said to have simple rules. Simpler, say, than chess, because there is no need to learn how pieces move. However, there are various rulesets (Japanese rules, Chinese rules, differing ...
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Children's transport-themed game book, possibly European

From the 1970's - a large-format hardback children's book where each double-page spread was a transport-themed game with cut-out cardboard pieces. Most of the games were more complex than basic roll-...
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Is there a formal designation for "pure placement" games?

Specifically in the context of abstract or combinatorial games. As an example, Go and Reversi are both placement games. Although mathematically distinct (Reversi requires placement in the center at ...

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