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Do the prices of cards drop when they leave Standard?
Accepted answer
13 votes

TLDR: Great cards do not significantly drop in price when they rotate out of standard, as great cards are usually playable and viable in other formats. When a card is great, and used across many ...

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How does Bolas's Citadel work?
5 votes

You pay for their cost with your life points instead of spending mana, assuming the card you want to play is on-top of your library. You can not use Bolas's Citadel to play cards from your hand. ...

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Possible way to counter or sidestep split-second spells (like Trickbind) in a particular situation
1 votes

This answer does not cover the "sidestepping a split second spell" part of the question, but it does answer the "Possible way to counter" part of the question. You can flip over a ...

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