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Spanish software architect, specialized in Java technology, right now working with reactive architectures (micronaut, quarkus, Akka, etc...).

I love working with no-sql solutions, like MongoDB or Cassandra.

From time to time I go out of my comfort zone working on the front layer, I really love React and Redux, and I used to develop a couple of things using Polymer and LitElement.

I'm an enthusiast of the software development. When I'm not spending my time on my children (I'm married with seven children) I'm testing all the things around the software development: mobile development tools (Xcode, React Native, SwiftUI), build process (maven, gradle), continuous integration (Jenkins, Travis, Sonar, Nexus, Heroku), testing frameworks, etc...

On the other hand, I really enjoy playing board games:Game of thrones, Blood rage, Anachrony, Catan, etc... I've read a lot of novels, my favourites are science fiction novels (I usually look at the winners of Hugo, Nebula and Locus prices).

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