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Liege of the Tangle with awakening counter - how does it work?
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8 votes

A counter in Magic: The Gathering is permanent. This means it will stay in the game as long as it doesn't get removed by a spell or ability or the card to which it is attached leaves the battlefield (...

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What are the possible ways to test a deck?
7 votes

There are different ways of testing that you can do, but none of them are as effective as playing real games against other people. 1) Play without an opponent. I usually play new decks over and over ...

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Do we have Go endgame tablebases, just like Chess?
6 votes

There are no whole-board endgame databases because there are too many possible permutations in the end. Such an approach could not be handled with state-of-the-art computer systems. The good news is ...

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What is a good opening for Go on a 13x13 board?
6 votes

The 4-4 spot in the corner is a well balanced move on the 19x19 board. It has some influence on the corner and gives you strength in the center. I don't like it as much on the 13x13 board because the ...

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Are cards that are both Land and Creature affected by summoning sickness?
1 votes

Yes, they are affected. If you play a land and transform it, summoning sickness applies as if you cast a creature directly. You can find a similar question in the MTG Salvation forum. Edit: This is ...

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