I am a Planeswalker. Fought in the battle for Tolaria during the time of Urza and Phyrexian infiltration. Struck by a corridor of bent time from the explosion which destroyed the Tolarian Academy along with one of our Phyrexian aggressors. I've been stuck in a rent of time that moved backwards throught the blind eternities with my new 'friend' until we reached the nexus of time where time doesn't move. From here I studied my new companion who, so far removed from the influence of The Ineffable, became docile. I learned that these beings were part a nation of humans who embraced a corruption that was destroying them. This corruption actually feeds off the mana responsible for the existence of all life. My research was not with out cost as I soon contracted the disease myself. Seems the disease is more easily spread to those with an affinity for channeling mana. I also discovered how the Thran survived and ultimately adapted to the corruption, Artifice. Artifice is unaffected by this corruption as they are powered with artificial mana stores created by powerstones thus the removal of mana doesn't affect the material components which make up artifice since it's not bound to mana. Non charged powerstones hold a vast space of void that can be charged with mana. Raw mana enables these powerstones to be used for a variety of things utilizing the mana stored inside as a power source. However, if you charge the stones with mana that is already being utilized, the powerstone will entrap effects and abilities of the source of mana. In people, they absorb the soul. In Planes they can absorb worlds! This is how the Thran survived. This is how I survived. I assimilated my friend to combat this disease. It worked. I am now a Phyrexian. I am also free of The Ineffable since the powerstone I used to absorb my soul is in my possession. Now I see how Urza has survived all these millennia. He is immune, trapped by the twin powerstones of his eyes. So too now, am I. Now I scour time and the planes, looking for the source of this disease, it's cause, it's creation. I must learn more!

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