Peter - Unban Robert Harvey


A post by Robert Harvey:

Since it has become apparent the new Code of Conduct has had the opposite effects of what it was intended, I offer for your perusal a possible alternative: the NCoC. In the best traditions of MLK, it offers equal opportunity, regardless of your particular makeup. It sows unity rather than division, cooperation over politics, and treats people like adults.

Here it is, in it's entirety (I've edited it slightly to make it align more closely with SE's principles):

[... followed by a variant of the NCoC ...]


Triggered a 1-year ban:


We're writing in reference to your Meta Stack Exchange account


Your last post lacked any semblance of good faith. It was incendiary and posted with no constructive goals.

Please take a year off of MSE.

Regards, Meta Stack Exchange Moderation Team


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