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By day: I like jumping up and down on tile floors and junk like that.

By not day: I usually sleep quite soundly, thank-you-very-much for asking.

I could write a different bio for each stack-exchange site that I participate in, but it's more fun to do it this way:

Blender: i've been using blender for about a year, and i really like the game engine and the grease pencil. raindrop

Sciencefiction/fantasy: i do starwars. thats pretty much it. Sometimes DR. Who also, but only when i'm in the mood.

Engineering: you guys suck. (just kidding, you've actually helped alot. :) enter image description here

English language learners: I natively speak american. No, that is not the same as english. enter image description here

and somemore gifs, jus cause:

enter image description here enter image description here

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