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I started with learning programming Pascal and then moved on to C++ and quickly progressing to using MTS/COM+/Component Services and finally moving in to .Net with it initial release in 2003. Over the years I have had to learn all the bits in between (Java, JavaScript, VB, VB.Net). Lots of stuff left to learn even though I have been doing this stuff since before 1992.

For fun, nothing beats a good film or TV series, my current favourites are the DC series (Arrow, Super Girl, Legends of Tomorrow, The Flash). For films though, my tastes vary wildly from new releases to some old classics and not so old ones. I try to never miss a showing of Volcano or Battle Los Angeles. My all-time favourites are Star Trek (TOS and TNG) and the Good Lady Enterprise (Not so much the series, but the ship)

If you have a general knowledge quiz I would love to take it and I can't get enough of watching the quiz shows (for the UK peoples, Pointless, The Chase, University Challenge - I might get 1 question correct here, Mastermind or the more mindless ones of The Tipping Point.

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