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Rose Thompson REAL Collective | RE/MAX Hallmark


610 Bronson Avenue

Ottawa, ON K1S 4E6



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[email protected]


Realtor, real estate agent, real estate agency


Meet Rose, your friendly and passionate real estate agent with a distinctive flair. As a dedicated professional, she brings a special blend of passion and expertise to assist you in finding your dream home or selling your property seamlessly.

Known for her fondness for striking up conversations with total strangers, Rose believes that getting to know you is the key to understanding your real estate needs. She’s not just here to find you a house; she’s committed to discovering the perfect place where you can share family moments, build your dreams, and create a lifetime of happiness.

Formerly a retail business owner and a compassionate nurse, Rose’s diverse background adds a unique flavor to her approach. She doesn’t just guide you through the process; she crafts a personalized experience that goes beyond the transaction. With Rose, it’s not about closing deals; it’s about opening doors to a future filled with laughter, warmth, and the unmistakable feeling of home.

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