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What cooperative board games are there that I could safely play with my wife?
14 votes

Another good cooperative game might be Ghost Stories. Ghost Stories is a cooperative game in which the players try to defeat the spirit of Wu-Feng, the lord of hell, and his legions of ghosts ...

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Hero Quest type games
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I think of the greatest of this kind is Descent: Journeys in the Dark especially with Road to Legend expansion which makes carrying over your characters between sessions slightly easier.

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What games are similar to Risk?
9 votes

Shogun is another similar game. The combat is different in this game (you are not using dice at all) but gathering resources and conquering other provinces (which act like countries in Risk) has the ...

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Recommendations for 6-player board game
6 votes

I think Arkham Horror is the great game for that purpose, especially if you add some expansions to it to make it a bit more harder (core set will be quite easy for so big group of Investigators). You ...

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Where I can buy good resources to build games?
3 votes

Dice will probably be the least of your problems since you can buy them at any game store. As for other elements I'd look on eBay. You could probably buy some cheap board games and combine them to ...

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What are the mechanical differences between Doom and Descent from Fantasy Flight Games?
2 votes

I think this BGG forum topic is a great comparison of those two games.

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