I recently played a game of Mahjong on the internet, and I had gotten this hand

[2 Characters] [3 Characters] [North Wind] [North Wind]

[4 Characters] <- Drawn Tile

[Melded Pon of 2 Bamboo] [Melded Chi of 3-5 Bamboo] [Melded Kan of 1 Characters]

but it wouldn't let me declare Tsumo. I had a few possible reasons why I couldn't but I don't know the game that well. Can you not have a pair of Winds to complete your hand? Or is my hand invalid in some way?

Here is my discards, it might serve some purpose -

[Characters] 7 [Bamboo] 4, 3, 1 [Dragons] Red, Green, White [Winds] East, West


Riichi Mahjong has a one-yaku minimum before you can complete your hand. While tsumo gives you a yaku if the hand is still closed, it won't give you anything if you've already opened your hand by calling melds.

For further details, you can read the related answer here: Why couldn't this hand win with ron?

Your hand, as it stands, doesn't have any yaku. If the North wind was active (i.e. if you were playing in the North seat) you could earn a yaku by calling or drawing a third North tile, but then you would be stuck with a pair wait on one of the 2/3 character tiles. Beyond that, about the only way you could win with that hand (short of hoping for a winning tile on the last draw or a kan draw) would be to swap out the characters and replace them with a set of dragons or an active wind.

  • Thanks! I had read a bit of the other thread, and I thought it was a different case...but it seems the answer was the same to both questions. I apologize for making a technically duplicate question. I usually go for Toitoi or Riichi, since usually every time I call on melds I end up in Furiten or something like this I couldn't understand haha. I'm studying up on yaku hands now :> This really helped me a lot! – Shana Apr 30 '13 at 2:03

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