The rules state the requirements of moving from and to hexes, but don't clarify whether the action of moving a disc "from" a hex invalidates that hex as an influenced neighbor.

Put another way, can I move a disc from one hex to a neighboring hex if there is no other influenced (or ship-resident) hex next to that destination hex?


When you move the influence disk, pick up the disk from the hex and place according to the rules i.e.

  • to a hex that does not contain an Influence Disc or an enemy Ship and is adjacent to a hex where you have a disc or a Ship.
  • to a hex where only you have a Ship.

The disk cannot move across the explored space on it's own

Q: Using the Influence action, I can move an Influence Disc from a hex to its neighbor through a Wormhole connection. May I move the Disc that created this connection in the first place? A: No. If you move the disc, there is no longer a connection.

Source: https://boardgamegeek.com/thread/711246/eclipse-official-faq

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