Say you have a Wild card, and a blue 7, suddenly a person places a green 9. Technically, you have a playable card (the Wild), but you want to save it for your last card for a guaranteed win.

Are you allowed to save the Wild card even though it’s playable, instead drawing from the pile for a different playable card?


In short, yes; it's called "reneging".

Here's a snippet from the PDF of Uno's rules from Mattel's service website.

Snippet on "reneging" from a PDF of Uno's Rules.

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    That seems like a strange way to use the word reneging. I've always heard it used to indicate that someone didn't follow the rules and has to backtrack to correct the play. I wouldn't call this reneging if the rules explicitly allow it. – Kyralessa Jan 23 '20 at 20:21

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