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Named for the Japanese word for "fireworks" — is a cooperative game in which players try to create the perfect fireworks show by placing the cards on the table in the right order.

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Best players' typical Hanabi scores

According to Wikipedia, the best computer programs consistently achieve perfect scores in five-player vanilla Hanabi, averaging almost 25 points per game when each player uses the same algorithm. But ...
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Does Hanabi allow empty clues?

I've been playing Hanabi for a while now with a few groups of people. Recently, we realized that there was a considerable discrepancy in how some people understood the rules. Specifically, one person ...
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Playing a card on Hanabi: choose the pile first, or play it and then check?

My playgroup and I are a little confused on this part of the rules. Say the piles are as below: Blue: 1 Green: 2 Red: 2 White: 3 Yellow: 4 I have a Green-3, but only know the number. ...
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Is a player allowed to announce his intentions for their next turn?

In a recent game of Hanabi we discovered that a helpful technique was to ask the person, usually to the left what they planned to do on their turn (ie. playing or discarding a certain card), and then ...
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How do I mitigate 'alpha playing' in Pandemic?

I don't quite like Pandemic for a simple reason. Basically - because all players have the same knowledge, and same goal, I don't see the need to have multiple players; one person (the alpha player) ...
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Do you have to tell the truth?

If you wanted somebody to discard a card, it seems advantageous to lie and say it's something that is obviously not playable. Do you have to tell the truth about the card you are giving a clue about?
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