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I started programming in high school, making my own versions of popular games (Lunar Lander). I wrote some parts in Assembly Language. I eventually bootstrapped a healthcare startup to $3M revenue.

I began my professional career working for consulting firms, then started my own software company and created 17 programs providing speech therapy to stroke survivors . I marketed and sold it worldwide. A few years ago, I fully automated my company so it wouldn’t need my involvement, freeing me for new challenges. I’ve spent my career helping technical and non-technical stakeholders understand each other’s needs.

A few years ago, I returned to consulting, sharpening my skills in areas that I most enjoyed as a business owner. As I took classes and read a wide range of books, what particularly resonated was the importance of listening. For example, each sale happens in the prospect’s mind. They know what they want. They’ll tell us if we ask and listen with genuine curiosity. I first learned this selling our software. After I explained what a patient needed, caregivers often asked “how did you know exactly what we need?”. I just smiled, never revealing my secret: I asked curious questions. You told me. I listened. It turns out, that’s helpful in all sales, and all communication.

I’ve loved consulting with a variety of businesses, but I miss learning & growing with a team working toward a common purpose.

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Feb 4, 2016