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I have always felt alienated by those around me. I was always analytical, cynical, and excessively literal, even as a child. As a result, i never made very many friends. I found refuge in the fantasy that video games provided. Video games naturally led to modding. Modding led to scripting, and scripting to coding.

I have no friends and very little family. What family i do have don't understand me or what i do. They dont understand why i never make real human connections or seek social interaction. They don't understand why i spend time learning about data structures and compression algorithms instead of watching movies with friends or going out to do whatever people do when they go out.

All of this is to say that even though i don't know you. Even though i have never met you and probably never will, you and everyone else on the Internet are closer family than any i have ever had. You have collectively taught me more than anyone else. Provided emotional support in times of crisis when my family couldn't see past their own egos long enough to help me when i needed it.

Thank you all for your patience, support, and understanding. It is comforting to know that people who don't know the first thing about me are willing to pour their souls out through a keyboard and see me through this disgusting corporeal existence.

And to any others like me out there. Even though i don't know you, I love you like family. More than family. I care what happens to you even if it seems like nobody else does...

So thank you.

I love you =)


The last thing you need to do for the SDK is to open up your .bash_profile file (make sure that your file browser is showing hidden files, as all hidden files have filenames that start with a period), and add the following text to the bottom of the file:

PATH=$PATH:$HOME/AndroidSDK:$HOME/AndroidSDK/tools export PATH  

# For SDK version r_08 and higher, also add this for adb:  
PATH=$PATH:$HOME/AndroidSDK/platform-tools export PATH

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