Just played our first game of Stone Age with the expansion and we have a question.

All the examples show a single use of the trading ability. Does that mean that you are limited to a single trade per turn or can you do multiples but only towards a single card/hut?

So, can you trade 14 wood for 7 gold on a 1-7 hut using the lowest level of trade? You would then be able to score 7*6 (42) points off of 14 wood.

Please help me understand the limits of trading in the Stone Age Expansion.


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According to the rules: http://www.zmangames.com/uploads/4/7/1/7/47170931/en-stone-age-ext_rules.pdf

A player may:

  • Trade only once his marker has moved off of space 0 of the merchant track.

  • Only trade in order to acquire a Civilization card or Building tile.

  • Trade the resources and jewelry of their choice.

  • Improve his trading ability by advancing on the merchant track, allowing for 2 to 1 , 1 to 1 , and even 1 to 2 trades.

  • Trade even if he did not place two figures at the merchant this round.
  • Important: A player may only trade once per round.

So you can only make one trade per round

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