Does the dummy hand lay down trump before or after the first card is played?


After the opening lead has been made by Declarer' left-hand opponent.

From Laws of Rubber Bridge (2014):

Law 41 – Opening Lead, Review, Questions

After the auction closes, presumed (see Law 54C) declarer’s LHO makes the opening lead. After the opening lead, dummy spreads his hand in front of him on the table, face up, sorted into suits, the cards in order of rank in columns pointing lengthwise toward declarer, with trumps, if any, to dummy’s right.


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    Why did you pick rubber bridge and not the general contract bridge rules? – Tvde1 Aug 5 at 7:32
  • @Tvde1: Because as noted in its Preface: "The Laws of Rubber Bridge 2014 replace the 1993 Laws of Contract Bridge." Both are/were promulgated in the Western Hemisphere by the American Contract Bridge League. – Forget I was ever here Aug 5 at 12:07

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