Basically, my question is this: when I discard cards for Militia, do the other players have the right to see all the cards that I discard, or just the card that ends up on top of my discard pile.

I believe this comes down to the question whether the cards are discarded simultaneously or one after the other. There are contradicting sources on this. The DominionStartegy Wiki page states

When attacked by Militia, you do not have to let players see all the cards you discard, just the one you leave on top of your discard pile.

However, the book Complete Rules for Dominion and All Its Expansions v.7.0 on page 40 under "Discard down to x cards in hand" (explicitly including Militia) states

Discard cards from your hand, one at a time, until you have x cards in your hand.

Are there some official words from Donald X. Vaccarino?


No you don't have to. It is clearly in the rules:

"Discard a card" - Move a card from your hand to your discard pile.

• Sometimes a card will tell you to discard a card from another location, but by default discarded cards come from hands.

• You place the discarded card on top of your discard pile, face up.

If you discard multiple cards at once, you do not need to reveal them all, just the one you put on top.

There is a thread on BGG about militia in which came to the same conclusion.

  • Sure, but the wording of Militia does not make it clear whether the discarding is all at once: "Each other player discards down to 3 cards in hand."
    – M. Rumpy
    2 days ago
  • @M.Rumpy I added a link to a BGG discussion. I agree it is vague, but I looks like the have the same conclusion. 2 days ago
  • 1
    Thank you. To emphasize, the BGG link properply answers the question because it contains the answer "You discard the cards all at once, with only the ends-up-on-top card revealed" from Donald X himself.
    – M. Rumpy
    2 days ago

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