Consider the situation: I have a single creature and my opponent does not have any. I want to use the Gauntlet of Command on my creature: "Ready and fight with a friendly creature". But there is nothing to fight with. So can I ready my creature and reap (or do some other action) with it?

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Yes, you can reap with a creature after readying it with Gauntlet of Command if there are no enemy creatures available to fight with.

Keyforge has a general rule to "Resolve As Much As You Can". So in this case, activating Gauntlet of Command tries to:

  • Ready the chosen creature (If the creature is already ready, this fails to happen but the ability still continues resolving),
  • then forces the chosen creature to fight (If there are no targets available, the fight fails and the creature remains in a Ready state).

You may then do whatever you can normally do with a Ready creature.

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