The scoring card for Between Two cities shows points increasing to 21 for six offices.

How many points does seven or more offices score? Do you start counting them as a second set, or does the score cap out at 21?

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The seventh office starts a new set

From the rules:

Offices (20 buildings + 8 duplex)

a set is worth 1|3|6|10|15|21, and a tile is worth +1 if next to at least 1 tavern

Offices score 1 point for one office tile, 3 points for two office tiles, 6 points for three, 10 points for four, 15 points for five, or 21 points for six office tiles (regardless of location or adjacency to each other).

If a city has seven office tiles, the seventh starts a new set of offices, and the scoring starts over again at 1 for that set.

If a city has 7 office tiles, it scores 22 points for offices (21 + 1).

In addition, each office gets +1 point if it is adjacent to at least one tavern. Each office tile can only score 1 bonus point, but several offices can receive that point from the same adjacent tavern tile.

A single office adjacent to a tavern is worth 2 points (1 + 1). A single office adjacent to four taverns is still worth 2 points.

The third paragraph (second unbolded paragraph) contains the answer to your question.

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