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Can boats move through sea monsters in Survival: Escape from Atlantis?

This should be a common sense that you can't move boat through when it is blocked by sea serpent or whale, but I don't see the rule include this situation. Can a boat move pass through a tile that is ...
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1 answer

Can I move someone else's dolphin?

We recently purchased a copy of the original Escape From Atlantis as it was a game I used to love as a child. Playing it last night, however, we came across a couple of situations that the rules didn'...
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Can the anti-whale tile be used to defend against the giant squid?

In Survive: Escape from Atlantis with the giant squid mini-expansion, the whales and squids are treated as being roughly the same critter. Does this mean that the anti-whale tiles can be used to ...
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Survive Escape from Atlantis: whales and sharks setup

In Survive: Escape from Atlantis, are the whales and sharks left out of the map during setup? Do they only appear when flipping "play immediately" whale or shark tile?
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