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Uno Flip is a game that uses a double sided deck. One size is light the other is dark. The light side plays like classic uno but the dark side has stiffer penalties for action cards like skip, reverse. An example would be that a skip on The Light Side becomes The Dark Side's Skip Everyone card!

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What happens when stack is flipped in uno flip and skip appears?

We flipped the stack of uno cards and a yellow skip card appeared should the next person’s chance be skipped or not??
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Wild draw card on top of wild card

What are the rules when someone plays a wild card and you have a wild draw color card, can you put it on top of it or is the wild card counted as all colors in the discard pile?
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How does reshuffling the draw pile in Uno Flip! work?

When reshuffling the draw pile in Uno Flip!, do I keep the bottom card from the discard pile (as it is the last flip card meaning it is on the same color we left the dark side on so we can continue ...
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Wild Draw Color Card in UNO Flip: How do we know that other person has drawn until matching color

As per UNO Flip Rules, Wild Draw Color Card – When you play this card, the next player must draw until they get a color of your choosing (no matter how many cards they have to draw to do so) and lose ...
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Uno-Flip going out on a flip

If you go out playing a flip card does the cards flip and those points calculated? Example final card is a light flip.. does the cards change to dark and those points calculates
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Can you see the other side of your own cards in uno flip?

I have a question about uno flip. In uno flip can you see the other side of YOUR OWN cards. Example:You are playing uno flip on the light side. You want to see YOUR OWN cards on the DARK side. Are you ...
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Can I play a different colored Draw 2 Card on top of a Draw 2 Card in Uno or Uno Flip

In a three player game: - Player A plays a Yellow +2 Card - Player B picks up 2 cards - Player C plays a Green +2 Card Is player C allowed to change colors, on the basis of a punishing card?
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What happens if the first card is a Flip Card in UNO Flip?

I have a couple of questions regarding the use of the Flip card in UNO Flip. What happens if the card turned over to start the Discard pile in the beginning of the game is a Flip card? Do we then ...
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What to do after flipping the discard pile in Uno Flip?

Uno Flip, I'm wondering what to do in this scenario: Gameplay starts, eventually someone plays a Flip Card. We flip the discard pile, and the card now facing up is an action card, what happens? ...
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Is a Wild Card a match to a Wild Draw Color Card in Uno Flip

When the "Wild Draw Color Card" is played, the next player must start drawing cards. If they draw a "Wild Card", does it qualify as the selected Color?
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Playing a Wild Draw Color Card on top of another Wild Draw Color Card to get out of drawing cards in UNO FLIP [duplicate]

If a player lays down a Wild Draw Color Card, can the next player lay down their own Wild Draw Color Card to get out of drawing cards. I argued that this should be allowed since it's like in UNO ...
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Uno Flip - What color do you play when a person flips?

I just bought a new Uno called Uno-Flip and in this game, we have a Light Side and a Dark Side. When we use one of the Flip Cards, we have to (according to rulebook) When you play this card, ...
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