My favorite method of summon is the XYZ summon. However there's a monster I've been struggling to summon: it's my Number C107: Neo Galaxy Eyes Tachyon Dragon.

I found this card called Rank Up Magic Cipher Ascension that let's you use an XYZ monster you control to summon an XYZ monster who's rank is 1 higher. However this card only works on "Cipher" monsters.

Can I still use this magic card on Number 107: Galaxy Eyes Tachyon Dragon to summon it's chaos form? Or do I need to find another method?

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There are several Rank-Up-Magic Cards. Barian's Force, Limited Barian's Force, Numeron Force and Argent Chaos Force come to mind.



No, you cannot use Rank Up Magic Cipher Ascension to summon Number C107: Neo Galaxy Eyes Tachyon Dragon as it does not include the word "cipher" in its name.

You can however use other other rank-up-magic cards listed below.

For a full list of rank-up-magic cards please see this link on the yugioh card database.

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