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Ascension is a fast paced deckbuilding game designed by Magic Pro Tour champions Justin Gary, Rob Dougherty, and Brian Kibler, with artwork by Eric Sabee. Ascension is a deck-building game where players spend Runes to acquire more powerful cards for their deck. It offers a dynamic play experience where players have to react and adjust their strategy accordingly.

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How to apply the effect "You may treat all Constructs as Mechana Constructs" in Ascension game?

Could I treat any Construct in center row as Mechana Construct and accure them acquire it as a Mechana Construct?
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Clarification about Azurite Channeler in Ascension: Deliverance

The card text of Azurite Channeler in Ascension: Deliverance states: "Banish a card in your hand and replace it with a Mystic or Heavy Infantry". Does the replacement card go straight into hand, or ...
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Do I play a hero's ability every time I draw it?

When I buy a hero and put it into my discard deck, then shuffle it and draw it in my hand in a later round, do I always have to / get to play the hero's ability? For example, each time I draw Seer of ...
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Is there a best time to play Tablet of Time's Dawn?

The card Tablet of Time's Dawn (ToTD) states: You may banish this Construct to take an additional turn after this one. Is there a best1 time to use the card's ability? I see three possibilities (...
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Combining Ascension expansions: tokens and boards

The original Ascension (CoTG) includes 50 tokens/beads and is playable by 4 people. Expansions such as Immortal Heroes include 30 more tokens, allowing for up to 6 players. Storm of Souls is said to ...
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Do I need to keep the Ascension expansion boxes as I have the original one?

I have the original Ascension box with wooden separators (pictured below), what makes for a nice, long lasting storage for cards - I would say, a lot of them, as the separators seem quite empty ...
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Do Ascension's small box expansions work well with the other big boxes?

I currently own Chronicle of the Godslayer and Return of the Fallen, which are a paired set, so they work very well together. I'm having trouble locating a copy of Storm of Souls, but I could pretty ...
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Order of actions in Ascension

I recently had a problem in Ascension with the order of the actions. I had enough force, so I killed a Mephit that allows me, when killed, to banish a card from the centre row. I intended to banish ...
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Do you get change from cards in Ascension?

Say I have three cards in my hand Ascension, each worth two points. Am I allowed to buy two cards worth three points each (As I had six total), or can I only buy a three point and a two point card as ...
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Draw a card when my deck and my discard piles are empty

There are some times in Ascension when I managed to empty my deck by drawing all the cards in it and also all the cards in the discard piles. It happened once or twice that I played a card that makes ...
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1 answer

what is "the next time in this round" in Ascension?

I have just started playing Ascension Storm of Souls. Since i have no previous experience from other card games like this, i find the description of some of the rules to be not quite as clear and ...
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Does Hedron Link Device remove the original faction from constructs?

When Hedron Link Device is in play, if I also play Avatar Golem, is the original faction of a construct (e.g. Void, Enlightened, Lifebound) still applicable, or is it now removed? (This is in ...
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Is there any reason to buy the Ascension base game?

Since Ascension: Storm of Souls is both a standalone and expansion to Ascension: Chronicle of the Godslayer, is there any reason to buy COTG? SOS adds new mechanics and seems to have better artwork.
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When to buy cards costing 1 "Rune" in Ascension?

I rarely purchase 1-Rune cards. Their effects are pretty poor, and I feel that these cards lower my deck strength (Note: I'm a recovering Dominion addict, and a strong believer in "trash early; trash ...
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When is Mechana Initiate worth buying?

Is the Mechana Initiate worth buying (except at the end to get some easy points)? It's only 1 Rune or 1 Power, which seems weak compared to the other Initiates.
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Replacing center cards in Ascension

Do I understand the rules correctly in that all center cards are replaced when defeated/bought? So I can if I have good power cards spend some runes on replacing cheap cards in order to hope ...
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