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What does "Rarity: Basic land" mean?

For example, in Woodland Chasm's Gatherer page, you can see the following: I am pretty sure Woodland Chasm is not a basic land, for it is not among its types, but what that "rarity" tag ...
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In the Megaman TCG, what does a collector number that starts with "4" indicate?

The collector's numbers on most cards in the Megaman Trading Card Game list the set number, the rarity, and the number within the set for the given card. Because there were only three sets released, ...
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How is the rarity of cards in official preconstructed Commander decks determined?

As far as I am aware, the rarity of Magic: The Gathering cards is determined by how many times a given card gets printed, relative to other cards in the same set. I believe the standard distribution ...
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What chance do I have of my foil being a rare or mythic?

If I open a pack, and it contains a foil, this foil could be any card in the set, from basic lands to the most expensive mythic rare. My question is, does each individual foil card have the same ...
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Why do cards have different rarity levels in Magic: The Gathering?

I've been reflecting on this concept and trying to come up with a concise answer: Why do different levels of card rarity exist in MtG? In order for this concept of different numbers of different cards ...
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Are cards of the same "rarity level" really equally rare in MTG?

In Magic the Gathering there are 4 rarity levels: common, uncommon, rare and mythical rare. In a booster pack you usually get 10 commons, 3 uncommons and 1 rare or 1 mythical rare. In Innistrad that ...
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