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Questions tagged [game-system]

Questions about unified or mostly-unified sets of rules that apply to many games, usually released by the same publisher.

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4 votes
6 answers

Wargame with customizable miniature stats?

I am looking for a wargame of any genre that has rules for creating stats for any miniature from any company. I know I've seen at least one set of rules like that, but I can't remember what the name ...
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4 votes
2 answers

Know any games designed for old game systems like Orion or Sly [closed]

A Game System is a set of components and/or rules that are intended to be used to create games. That is, one set of components that allows to play several diffrent games. Recent game systems like ...
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14 votes
4 answers

Hello World game for many game systems

Ron Hale-Evans mused about creating a benchmark game that could be ported to many different game systems as a design exercise. Do you think that would be a useful tool, and can you suggest a game that ...
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