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For questions on which game the described game is. Include as many details as possible, so we aren't left guessing! Pictures are very helpful in most cases.

How to ask an identify-this-game question

When asking an identify-this-game question, it's important to add an informative title. "Looking for an old game" is bad. "A game on a blue polka dot board with yellow dinosaur pieces from the early 90s" is great. If you want to ask about more than one game, separate the question into multiple questions and post each separately. In addition, try to touch upon the following points in your question:

  • Give us the general description of the game and its gameplay.
  • Were there any novel or interesting game mechanics that stand out?
  • Describe any of the pieces you can recall, for example the board. Did it use dice or cards? If so, what kind of cards?
  • When was the game released / when did you play it?
  • Do you remember anything about how the game box looked?
  • Do you recall who the publisher was?
  • Was there a television commercial for it? Any memorable moments?
  • Do you have pictures of (parts of) it?

In addition, if you can provide a basic diagram showing how the game looked like it will greatly increase your chance of getting a good answer.

Are identify-this-game questions always on-topic?

It has been decided in this meta-thread that identify-this-game questions are valid for this site as long as they are specific enough.