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For questions regarding versions of games that run on Apple computers with the iOS operating system.

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Shadows over Innistrad Starter Box

I completed the story mode for Shadows over Innistrad (Magic Duels on iOS), but never received the Starter Box. I raised the issue and they responded by giving me 300 coins, which would give me two ...
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Ticket to Ride multiplayer between OS X and iOS [duplicate]

We've purchased Ticket to Ride for iPhone/iPad iOS and I was wondering if I purchase the desktop version for OS X would we be able to play locally between the two devices.
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2 votes
1 answer

In Lords of Waterdeep on iOS, why does placing a corruption token on The Palace of Waterdeep indicate you won't get to take the Ambassador?

This question is prompted by the iOS implementation of the game by Playdek, so it may just be a flaw in the game, but I'm just checking to make sure there isn't some rule that I'm not aware of. Here'...
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How can I quickly estimate my level in go by playing against a computer/tablet?

I would like to have an idea of my level in go (in kyu). This would for instance help me choose the most appropriate go books to read. I would like to do this through playing against a program—because ...
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How to play multiplayer Ticket to Ride (iOS/iPad) with friends over the Internet?

I am trying to play Ticket to Ride for the iOS on the iPad (regular full version, not pocket) with friends over the internet (not local wifi). I tried using Game Center to issue a 'challenge', but it ...
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