Can I use a Link-2 Dark Dragon monster and another Dark Dragon monster to summon Vorticular Drumgon or do I need the 3 Dark Dragon monsters?

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No, you can't.

At first one may think you could. Extracting from the rulebook, pages 14-15, emphasis mine:

Normally, 1 monster equals 1 Link Material. But when you use a Link Monster as material for another Link Summon, you can count it as either 1 monster, or as a number of monsters equal to its Link Rating.

So, one can indeed use a Link-X monster and count it as X monsters.

However... Vorticular Drumgon has a specific requirement for their materials to be "3 Dark Dragon Monsters". Therefore, you are limited to use exactly 3 monsters. The ruling also covers that part and indicates so in the same pages (emphasis mine):

Remember that when you Link Summon, you need to meet 3 goals:

  • The amount of materials you use matches the Link Rating (Link Monsters count as 1 OR their own Link Rating).

  • The number of materials you use meets the number specified in the materials line or “recipe”.

  • The materials match any other requirements in the materials line (such as only Effect Monsters, or only a specific Type of monster).

So, technically you can use a Link-2 Dark Dragon for the summon, but you would need other 2 monsters that meet the same requirements (being Dark Dragons), as Drumgon explicitly asks for 3 monsters (no more, no less).


No, you can't.

Drumgon explicitly states you need to use 3 dark dragon type monsters.

If what you want to do were allowed, the text would read as follows: 2+ Dark Dragon monsters

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