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I have been working on this 6 Player variant of Pandemic for over 2 years. After a lot of play-testing, I feel that this is now where I want it to be. DESIGN AIMS FOR THIS VARIANT The game should feel like Pandemic for all 6 Players. (I felt that the 6 Player variant included with the In The Lab expansion did not feel the same). All modifications required ...


I found the contact form from the company: I presume you should be good enough with Italian to be able to file in an enquiry to ask them if it would be possible to download the PDF manual.


Yes, you can. While certain questions like this will be up to each play group to decide; this one is actually directly addressed in the rules. At the bottom of page 6: England and island were originally compound words, but in this century, island is a valid clue for ENGLAND. Even land is a valid clue for ENGLAND. And anybody who says you can't say ...


Summary Try playing with setups that have better trashing and action card synergy, and maybe try Colonies (or just add some extra Provinces during setup). In detail Some combinations of kingdom cards encourage you to fine-tune your deck with cards that serve specific purposes. But most random combinations just encourage you to buy gold to increase the ...

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